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On October 2018 Camila Nay Vargas calls me, sharing news about her life in San Miguel del Bala, Bolivia. She tells me that the government is going to build two dams among the river,  supplying electricity to Brazil. The indigenous communities, the ecosystem, the protected areas and its endangered animals in the lungs of the planet will be flooded.
In May 2019, Camila's friend Alex Villa Limaco, a human rights and environmental activist, is planning a trip to Europe. He will come to inform and meet organisations on this matter.
So we began to think about a speech support, a map.
An interactive map of 3 meters in hand printed silk with flooded parts that can be torn off, showing the article 30 of the Bolivian constitution.
Rendezvous in Paris for a first conference.
Then we are hosted by Bolivian elected officials in Madrid, with the team of speakers. During the discussions, information was added to the map and the legend with an iron.


5000 people

17 communities

indigenous nations :
Tsimanes, Tacanas, Mosetenes, Uchupiamonas,
Eisa Eijas and Lecos.

7.100 Millions Euros

771  squared kilometers of Flooding

158 meters water raise

400 meters above sea level  lake

100 000
hectares of deforestation

2 protected areas:
- Biosphere Reserve, Communal Lands of Pilón Lajas
- Madidi National Park.